FREE Reading Units: Reading for Insights (Introduction)

Reading books

Once a month, I plan to share a reading unit which you can print out and share with your students.

The Features of these units

  • High-interest articles at the intermediate level that usually include references to some research study that students can relate to.
  • The information is often counter-intuitive. Students gain some new insights from them.
  • Study guides involve a variety of comprehension questions and scaffolding paraphrasing ones and vocabulary exercises.
  • Each unit includes at least one “Reflection” exercise in which students write:

Reflection items image

  • Other uses of the articles:
    as a prompt for discussions.
    as a prompt for writings.

The Reasons Why these Units are Free.

Requiring students to buy textbooks can be stressful for teachers, especially if we only want to use part of the book.  We are faced with a dilemma: require students to buy textbooks that might be used minimally, or illegally photocopy from a textbook.  Thus, I’m offering these free to give others the flexibility that I have to use them completely or partially.

I’ve have used all of them (along with study guides) in reading-skills courses.  I’ve also used some of the articles (without the study guides or with brief study guides) as stimuli for discussions in speaking-skills courses and as prompts for essays in writing-skills courses.  I couldn’t justify making the students in the speaking-skills and writing-skills courses buy complete textbooks since they weren’t going to use the study guides and weren’t going to read all the articles.

The first unit is: 1st FREE Reading Unit. Reading for Insights: “Does Social Media Make People Sadder?”

See Categories: Free Reading Units for links to all the Free Reading Units.

Onward and upward!

David Kehe

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