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• 1st Free ESL Reading: Does Social Media Make People Sadder?

In an interesting segment on the podcast, “Hidden Brain,” a researcher said, “Using Facebook makes you more comparative.  You compare yourself to others more often.  You judge yourself.  Am I better or worse?  Am I happier?  Are other people happier than me?” (Excerpt from the article.)

(This posting includes handouts which you are welcome to use with your students.)*

See Select Category > ESL Reading Units Free: Reading for Insights (Introduction) for an introduction to these reading units. Reading Units: Reading for Insights (Introduction)

Study Guide, Reflection & Vocabulary for  Does Social Media Make People Sadder? (and excerpts)

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• Reading Units: Reading for Insights (Introduction)

Cover Intro Reading for Insight shot

Once a month, I plan to share a reading unit some of  which you can print out and share with your students.  I’ll also be making some available on a different site where you can preview and download them.

The Features of these units

  • High-interest articles at the intermediate level that usually include references to some research study that students can relate to.
  • The information is often counter-intuitive. Students gain some new insights from them.
  • Study guides involve a variety of comprehension questions and scaffolding paraphrasing ones and vocabulary exercises.
  • Each unit includes at least one “Reflection” exercise in which students write:

Reflection items image

  • Other uses of the articles:
    as a prompt for discussions.
    as a prompt for writings.

The Reasons Why these Units are Not Being Sold as a Book.

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