About “Common Sense Teaching ESL”


Washington state, a great place to think about ESL

A former colleague once asked me, “Is that all you two think about?”  The genesis of this question was the fact that my wife, Peggy, and I have been teaching and thinking about ESL for over 35 years, starting in the Peace Corps.  Having no kids, we have found teaching ESL to be one of the greatest passions in our lives.

For the past several years, in addition to teaching ESL, I’ve also been a teacher trainer and mentor.  In these roles, I’ve found that many teachers are looking for not only techniques that have proven to be effective in all the skills, but also for practical ways to motivate students, give meaningful feedback and manage their time.  Sharing what I’ve learned about how to do these is the major goal of “Common Sense Teaching ESL.”

David Kehe

Bellingham, WA