Reading Unit.  Proximity: The Most Important Factor in Making a Friendship

Excerpts from the article

A researcher wanted to find out what is the one most important factor that determines if people will become friends with each other.  The result is quite amazing.

The features of this unit

  • Article include references to some research studies that students can relate to.
  • The information is often counter-intuitive. Students gain some new insights from them.
  • Study guide involve a variety of comprehension questions and scaffolding paraphrasing ones and vocabulary exercises.
  • The unit includes at least one “Reflection” exercise in which students write:

– I found some interesting/important information in this article.
– After reading this, I now would like to (learn more about /read more research about /…)
– There is some information in this article that I could apply to my life.
– I agree / disagree with the author about something.
– This article reminded me of (me/ my family/my friend).
– I was surprised by something in this article.

See Reading Units: Reading for Insights (Introduction)for an introduction to these reading units.

Article & Study Guide for  Proximity: The Most Important Factor in Making a Friendship (and excerpts)

If you’d like to see a preview of the article and the study guide questions, click here: proximity preview

To  download the complete unit, go to Reading for Insight: Proximity 


College dorm study

6 Frestinger found that the people who lived at the end of the halls of the dorms were less popular than those who live in the center.  In other words, the ones near the center had a large number of friends.  These popular students and less popular students seemed to be similar in their social skills and physical attractiveness, so Frestinger wanted to solve the mystery of why the ones who lived in the center of the halls had more friendships.

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David Kehe

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